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Program Structure


The structure of the program has been formed according to the general specifications of corresponding programs of Greek and foreign universities, and by the need for the content and the emphasis of the program to correspond to the characteristics of the Greek economy. For this reason, the structure of MBA Program consists of the following:

  1. Compulsory Courses
  2. Optional Courses
  3. Thesis

In order to be awarded the MBA degree, the graduate student must attend and be successfully examined in 14 courses/subjects. The attendance and examination of the above courses must take place during the first three semesters. During the last semester, students must write a thesis, provided that they have passed all the courses of the first three semesters.

Note: It is desirable for graduate students to have basic knowledge of mathematics, and the following skills: use Windows, use Word, basic knowledge of word processing, basic skills in using Excel, ability to navigate the internet and gather data, ability to use e-mail and other formal ICT skills.