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ΜΒΑ (Full Time)

The program, which is targeted towards young graduates, aims to attract recent graduates wishing to either learning more about the subject of business administration or to deepen their knowledge on issues introduced during their undergraduate studies. For example, graduates of the faculties of Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine and other disciplines choose this program in order to acquire knowledge and skills that will give them a significant boost and better prospects in their search for employment with future professional recognition. The program, of course, is also relevant for Social and Economic Sciences graduates who wish to broaden their knowledge, to indulge in topics to which they were exposed during their undergraduate studies or even wish to gain important experiences from daily contact with people who come from different disciplines. Moreover, the program's multidisciplinary character, as regards to the applicants accepted, is not a drawback; on the contrary, the international experience of corresponding MBA programs has demonstrated that this pluralism has vital importance for highlighting important aspects in all scientific fields of business administration, the synthesis of proposals and opinions and optimizing the overall learning experience in the program.