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Why MBA at the University of Macedonia?


  1. Are you a recent graduate and want to enter the field of business administration, enriching your knowledge and improving your competitive position in the labor market? The program for recent graduates is aimed at young graduates who feel the need to further develop their knowledge on issues of strategic, financial, human resources, quality, marketing, entrepreneurship, operations research and quantitative methods.
  2. Are you a business executive with several years of experience? Have you worked in sales and marketing departments, in financial or human resource management? Do you feel that you are lacking a specific quantitative or qualitative approach to the management of your everyday business problems? Are you a member of the security forces (military, police, etc.) and wish to accelerate and promote your career, gaining valuable management knowledge? Do you want to learn and understand ways and methodologies that will make you more efficient and effective in managing the scarce resources of your business?
  3. Are you a business executive who is active in the technical field or in the Information Technology and Communication sector? Do you feel that while you are technologically knowledgeable, you would also like to enter dynamically in other dimensions related to the management of your business?
  4. Are you a teacher? Teaching is for your personal and professional challenge, but simultaneously modern school requirements are not limited to teaching (this has never been more true). Educational institutions of all levels require executives capable of distinguishing the big picture, mission and organizational structure necessary to ensure optimal management of resources and personnel.
  5. Do you work in the health service field (doctor, nurse, administrative or technical employee)? Health care today not only requires dedication, caring for our fellow humans and scientific training. It requires up-to-date organizational knowledge and ideas that can help health organizations be both viable and useful to the community.
  6. Does your job require long hours, while the remaining daily needs and activities often prevent you from devoting the time you want to update, study and benefit from continuous education and lifelong learning programs? The Executive MBA program provides the opportunity, while working, to take time for both study and family. In addition, it allows you to better understand the small and most important daily operations of the company or organization you work for.

If you want your ideas to flourish and to believe in yourself, to improve on a personal and professional level, to obtain a degree with a significant relevance to the labor market, to οpen a channel of communication with executives both from the academic and from the professional field, then the University of Macedonia MBA program is the graduate program for you!