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Postgraduate Studies in Business Administration


The Interdepartmental Master Program in Business Administration (MBA) has been operating since the 1994 – 1995 academic year. The MBA Program operates with the cooperation of three departments of the University of Macedonia: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Economic Sciences and the Department of Accounting and Finance. The MBA Program has attracted the interest of graduates not only of the University Macedonia, but also from almost all Greek Universities, foreign universities, as well as of many business executives.

The MBA Program is being updated and enriched continuously, in order to include in the curriculum new scientific evolutions and practices, as well as the new tendencies and needs of the market for managers in Greece. The MBA Program also aims to participate in the evolution of the globalized economy, introducing in the curriculum new and innovative teaching and studying technologies, in order to respond to contemporary needs and challenges, thus supplying the Greek economy with MBA graduates capable of supporting the international competitiveness of enterprises.